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Today Is A Happy And Sad Day At M/A/R/C Research

I can remember my first day at M/A/R/C Research almost four years ago. I didn’t know anyone at all and needed help finding my office. One by one I met the staff. One by one I forgot the staff’s name and that probably continued for my first week. I was always impressed with how nice, open and talented they were. For some reason they accepted me–or at least appeared to anyway. Reviewing the financials, I knew pretty well that I had a few challenges in front of me. I knew each great or happy day could be followed with a hard or sad day.

Today May 9, 2008 is one of those days — a sad day. Today after 8+ years, someone on our team–Fred Van Tatenhove–will be retiring. Riding off into the sunset. Most of the readers don’t know Fred, so please let me take a minute to describe him.

  • He is the type of person who always seems to have a smile on his face
  • He is the type of person who would help out anyone at any time!
  • He is smart
  • He is a solid researcher
  • He is the type of person that everyone would want as a friend
  • He is very, very family-oriented

And yes Fred is a good golfer……just NOT as good as his wife (which is another example of how smart he is).

My life is a little better because I have worked with Fred for almost four years.

Fred, I am excited for you and Marge that you will be able to spend time with your grandchildren. I know how important that is to you. On behalf of the M/A/R/C family, thank you for all that you did.

Please don’t forget us, and know that we won’t forget you.

Not good bye, just so long!

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