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I Really Feel Old When…….._______!

Yes, my birthday is this month. It isn’t a big one, but needless to say I am a year older. Sometimes I think I am really old. I can’t run as fast as I used to. I don’t heal as quickly as I used to. And frankly, I probably get tired a little more easily than I used to.

The top seven things to make me really feel old are when _________!

  1. My four year old is quicker on the computer than I am
  2. It is 95 degrees in my office and I actually like it
  3. I get out of bed in the morning and can’t even touch my knees
  4. I can’t read things that are a 10 point font or smaller!
  5. I have noticed myself pulling my pants lower and lower
  6. I hear the list of the top twenty songs and haven’t heard of any of them
  7. I have trouble picking up my daughter (who only weighs 20+ pounds) without something hurting

Clearly getting old is just part of life and in a lot of ways isn’t that bad.

What makes you feel old?

I look forward to hearing your comments.

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