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I Hope You Enjoy A Friday Chuckle. Which One Is Your Favorite……?

I have been getting a tremendous amount of emails with ideas and thoughts for blog topics. This idea actually came from an email with a number of funny comics (thanks SY). Let me qualify what I just said. I think they are funny and hope you do as well. Everyone loves to laugh and have a quick chuckle.

I think they are all funny and very clever. My two favorites are the stray bar and the men at work sign. If you could see my face I am still smiling. My favorite comic is the "men at work" sign. I have seen that sign hundreds of times and never thought about it saying people at work or team at work…so the caption under it WOMEN WORK ALL THE TIME–MEN HAVE TO PUT UP SIGNS WHEN THEY WORK is very funny!

  • Which one is your favorite?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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