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What Happened To Starbucks? You Tell Me!

When you travel around, you see them all over the place. They are on every street corner, in lots of hotels and even in airports.

They were growing fast. Real fast. Maybe some would say it was at light speed. Recently Starbucks announced they were closing over 600 stores and their growth over the next few years will be slowing down considerably.

For those of you who don’t know, I don’t drink coffee. I will have an occasional cappuccino after a nice meal but I am not a regular coffee drinker. I do go to Starbucks, but mostly as a meeting spot or for a marshmallow Rice Krispie treat. Ok I have a sweettooth and love them. Each and every time I went to Starbucks there was a line–usually a big line and it never mattered what time it was. I for one was very surprised that Starbucks decided to close over 600 stores.

The question is what happened to Starbucks?

  • Did they grow too fast?
  • Are their prices too high?
  • Is the economy hurting their business?
  • Do people all of sudden not like Starbucks?
  • Is their marketing missing the boat?
  • Is their competition making all the right moves?

What do you think?

I really look forward to having your share your comments!

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