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Here Is Today’s Challenge: Say Something Meaningful In Six Words.

As most people do, I love to get gifts — but different types of gifts. Not mainstream stuff. So there I am one day and walk by the cube of a co-worker and lo and behold he (thanks FS) hands me a gift that he thought I would enjoy. It was a book. But not just any type of book. It was different than most of the books I have, which tend to be business, motivational, or sports books. This book was very creative and its title was Not Quite What I Was Planning, Six Word Memoirs by Writers Famous and Obscure.

The book was fascinating and got my creative juices flowing. Here are a few from the book that I thought I would share:

  • When talk matters, make it count
  • Pay attention to me go away
  • Ran east, ran west, ran late
  • Open road, no map. Great Scenery
  • Afraid of everything. Did it anyway

The book really gave me a chance to pause and think about trying to put some of my own together. Ok — let me start by saying I am not a pro at this but merely trying to make some sense of some thoughts on life stated in exactly six words. So here goes:

  • Teachers are very important, thank you.
  • Passion is so important to me
  • Sports, competition. That says it all.
  • Family, friends, work, play. All meaningful
  • Boston to Dallas. Life in session

Now your turn. Close your eyes take a minute or two and think about six word phrases that mean something to you or describe some type of experience.

I hope you have fun with this — let me share a little secret…I had a BLAST!

I look forward to hearing from you and having you share your thoughts.

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