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So You Want To Laugh. Who Is Your Favorite Comedian?

I gotta tell ya...Yes I love to laugh as most people do. Over the years I have been fortunate to go and see some great comedians. I can still remember being in San Francisco years ago with KW and seeing a young Robert Townsend or seeing Rodney Dangerfield in LA. Or there was the time I went with JW to see Jackie Mason. I must admit I love his humor and accent. Very quick and fast paced.

Recently I saw Jerry Seinfeld with five of my friends in Vegas and although I really love him, his show was very disappointing. A few years back I saw David Brenner as he was attempting to make a comeback and was disappointed to see him read his jokes off index cards. The best part of the night was asking an usher to give a note to David asking him to come out front and meet a few of his fans. He obliged and was very nice. I remember seeing Roseanne Barr in Boston when she was just starting out and doing her "domestic goddess" routine. Old timer Buddy Hackett was funny. He invited us back stage after a concert and one of my friends was sitting in "his" seat and he wasn’t too happy.

Here are a few of my favorites in no particular order:

  • Bill Cosby – very classy, funny. I love the faces he makes and how he looks at things.
  • The late Sam Kinison – He was wild looking, crazy, fast paced but I love him.
  • Rita Rudner – Saw her in a Vegas. She was soft spoken, very funny and her act was very clean.
  • Dom Irrera – You may not know who he is but believe me…VERY funny. I must have seen him ten times in Boston and another five in Philadelphia.

Without question my two favorites are:

  • Billy Crystal – enough said. GREAT performer. Would travel hundreds of miles to see him.
  • Robin Williams. Just thinking about him makes me laugh. He has great voices and mannerisms.

So that’s some of the folks on my list.

  • Who is your favorite comedian?
  • Who performed at the best comedy show you have ever attended?

P.S. I didn’t even mention Carrot Top!

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