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That’s A Little Scary — What Is The Best Horror Film Of All Time?

Yes I love to go to the movies or even watch them at home. I really enjoy action movies and a good comedy and frankly I was never a big fan of horror movies for one simple reason…I would always close my eyes when a scary part was happening. I have even been known to scream out or jump out of my seat when there was a really scary part going on.

When I think about horror films a number of them come to mind quickly:

Hello Danny...And of course The Shining and The Exorcist–which frankly are two of the scariest movies I have ever watched. I still have trouble watching The Shining and need to make sure that all the lights are on in the house….Stop laughing….It’s true!

  • With Halloween right around the corner, what is your favorite horror movie of all time?
  • What do you think is the scariest scene you have ever seen?

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