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Why Don’t We Debate Why People Watch The Debates?

A few weeks ago, I watched the third and final Presidential debate. During the 90 minute discussion, it seemed like both candidates must have said "that just isn’t true" a hundred times when the other candidate said something about them. Or if they weren’t disputing what the person said they seemed to be shaking their head with a sign of no that’s not correct.

Even though this posting has a little bit of a political slant (something I said I would never do), I am wondering why the average person watches the debates. Before you respond, the reason I ask is that frankly I don’t know who is lying. Maybe that is too strong of a word–misusing the truth or embellishing or spinning what they did or didn’t do. I don’t know who voted on this bill or that bill! When I think about it and have this conversation with friends and industry contacts they seem to say the same thing.

Are people watching the debate:

  • To see the interaction between the two candidates?
  • For the content?
  • To see if a candidate really messes up?
  • To see how the candidates handle themselves under pressure?

I look forward to reading your comments.

P.S. This posting is in no way endorsing either candidate.

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