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Attention Sports Fans: Who Are Your Favorite Brothers In Sports?

The sports industry has lots of great athletes. Athletes that can jump high, run fast, hit a 100 mile an hour fastball or stop a puck at some amazing speed. The question is who are your favorite brothers in sports?

Here are a few that come to mind quickly:

Football :

Eli and Peyton Manning
Tiki and Ronde Barber


Phil and Tony Esposito


Dominique and Gerald Wilkins
Horace and Harvey Grant


Greg and Mike Maddux
Phil and Joe Neikro

We also have a few more in other sports with John and Patrick McEnroe and Jay and Jerry Haas in golf. Growing up in Boston I really liked Phil Esposito and the big bad Boston Bruins. His brother Tony played for the Chicago Blackhawks and since we lived there I also liked them so for me they would probably be my favorite brothers in sports.

  • Who are your favorite brother combinations in sports?
  • Who am I missing off the list?
  • Who is the best brother combination in sports?

I look forward to reading your comments and building a comprehensive list of brothers in sports.

P.S. I wonder if I had a brother, would that have given me a better chance to be a professional athlete? Probably not…but a guy can dream!

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