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Superstitions, OCD or Rituals by Guest Writer, Jason Miller

Spence Bilkiss, Gene Filipi, Lance Hoffman, Drew Judge, Marisa Pope, Brad Solomon, Ted Watson and countless others have all witnessed OCD at its best, DINNER at my house with my wife, Angela Miller, as the hostess. I must admit, I am truly amazed each and every time we have dinner guests and the rituals that she has. Angela will prepare dinner, dessert (usually soufflés), all while she is vacuuming, doing dishes, washing under the feet of our guests, eating, while bathing the kids and everyone’s favorite — shaking out the rug.

She simply just can’t sit still; OCD in some form has taken over her life. Don’t get me wrong, living in the cleanest most organized house on the planet is fantastic. It is definitely better that the alternative. However, she takes it to a different level all together. Here is a list of the other "rituals" she has……

  • Cleaning the kitchen floor as the family leaves for the day — let me explain, she is on her hands and knees with a Clorox wipe cleaning her way OUT THE DOOR!
  • Stainless Steel Magic, this product is her life — when ANYONE opens the fridge, puts something into the trash can, she is right behind them with this wonder spray eliminating the finger prints
  • The refrigerator can NOT have an item missing (see picture). When a bottle of water is taken from its perfectly positioned location in its line-up it is immediately replaced with a fresh bottle from the reserve we have (approximately 3 cases on deck AT ALL TIMES) and rotated into the mix. All items in the fridge look like soldiers, all standing front facing in perfect order
  • Paper towels, now this might just be a sign of craziness. If we do not have at least 15 rolls on standby, I am ordered to the wholesale club store to stock up. You never know when you will need 5,000 feet of paper towels.
  • NOW MY FAVORITE — Shaking out of the kitchen rug. WOW, this is funny. You can ask anyone who has been to my house. Angela shakes that rug out so much that I have purchased 3 more to put in its place when it gets totally worn out. (each rug lasts about 30 days)

These are just a few examples of OCDs / Rituals that Angela has. I too have my "issues"; mine might be more superstitions or "good luck" habits. Here are a just a few………

  • Walking under ladders, I don’t do it — bad luck, superstition
  • I put cash into my wallet all facing the same direction in order of denomination, low in the front, high toward the back — I believe just an OCD
  • I say "rabbit, rabbit" as the first words out of my mouth on the first day of each month – good luck for the month (if I forget and say something else first, I am pissed at myself) , superstition
  • I never leave my keys on a table, if one does superstition says you will not have money – luck, superstition
  • When pouring a liquid out of a bottle (wine bottle, soda bottle, water pitcher, etc.) never ever ever do I pour underhanded into my glass.  Actually, if I am at a restaurant or out anywhere and someone pours into my glass and they start to pour underhanded, I stop them and have them pour over handed — bad luck, superstition
  • I am a big proponent of coins that face up. For example:
    • All of the change in my car’s change holder is heads-up. Guaranteed – definite OCD
    • When I see a coin on the ground, if I choose to pick it up, it must be heads-up. If it’s not, I’ll flip it over first to make it head’s up — good luck and OCD all in one
  • When watching the Red Sox in regular season at home, I always sit in the same seat, right in the middle of the couch. Now, when I watch them in the post season from home, always far left in the first spot. — superstition, thanks to my father

Now that I have shared some of our superstitions, OCDs and rituals — I would love to hear some of yours.

  • Do you have any superstitions that I can add to my life,
  • Any good luck rituals that can take over my daily routines?

I look forward to hearing your comments.

Thanks for reading!
Jason R. Miller


Jason R. Miller, PRC (Vice President, Performance Plus – GroupNet Boston)

Jason has been with Performance Plus since September of 1992. Jason went to Framingham State College seeking a degree in English when he took a part time job as a telephone recruiter and like many others in Market Research fell into this field. Since taking that job, he has moved up the ranks from phone recruiter to interviewer to assistant front desk then off to an assistant project manager. Jason then worked as a Project Manager until 2000 when he moved into his current role.

Performance Plus has been a member of GroupNet for 15 years and Jason has been actively been involved with the network of 20 independent focus group facilities for the past 8 years. Currently sitting on the Board of Directors for GroupNet as a Director-at-large (the first non owner to do such) and is the Chairperson of Marketing Events.

Jason will be married 10 years this January to his "High-School Sweetheart" Angela Miller, who is featured in this article. They have two beautiful girls, Zoe 8 and Bella (Isabella) who is 6.

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