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I Think It Is Time To Take 10 Minutes And Do This Every Month . . .

During the course of a month, all of us have things we do on a routine basis. Whether that is take out the trash, do the laundry, play softball or even pay bills. If you are anything like me (hopefully not), you tend to do those things on the same day of the week. For me I try to pay bills on Sunday while I am watching TV. I have noticed myself looking at the bills a lot closer these days for a few reasons:

  • To see if there is anything we can do to bundle bills (cable, phone, web) to save money.
  • To try and get a handle on how much money I foolishly spend on things!
  • To determine whether there are any mistakes.

Over the past six months I have noticed a number of charges on my credit cards that weren’t ours. In fact over the weekend when I was reviewing my Visa bill, I noticed that apparently while I was in Madison, WI last month I was also in Cancun, Mexico charging a bunch of things. Since I don’t have an identical twin, that obviously wasn’t me and that charge is being disputed.

It seems to me that I am hearing more and more stories about bogus charges on credit cards.

Last week I was on a website reading about my beloved Redsox and a pop up window appeared that said "take a Redsox quiz and see what your Sox IQ is". Since I was curious to see what my "Sox IQ" was, I took the quiz. You needed to put in your cell phone number and check a box to check to see your results. I did enter my number but before I checked the box, I started to read the fine print on terms and conditions. I never hit enter but all of a sudden I started to get these text messages saying I was being charged $29.99 a month for some service that I had no idea I ordered or what it was for. The end result was I called the number and of course they never picked up. I did eventually get it taken care of, but it was a pain.

  • Have you noticed any bogus charges on your credit cards?
  • Are you noticing more than in the past?
  • Have you heard of any credit card scams that we should be aware of?

Moving forward I will be reviewing our credit cards charges closely–especially during the holiday season.

I hope you do the same thing and it saves you some money. If so, you can thank me later!

I look forward to hearing your comments.

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