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Time To Work Really Hard! No I Am Serious!

  • Time to work really hard!
  • Time to be a team player!
  • Time to think out of the box!
  • Time to be very customer oriented!
  • Time to make things happen at your office!
  • Time to make yourself so valuable your company can’t live without you!

With the challenging economy, a day doesn’t go by without someone I know calling/emailing saying they are now in transition. As of October 2008 new unemployment claims have hit a 16 year high! Yes, you have to go back to 1992 to see claims higher than they are now. That is an ugly thought to consider and I hope (although don’t believe) that trend will change very soon. Every day, companies are announcing major layoffs. A few weeks ago, Citigroup, Union Pacific Corp and Sun Microsystems joined the list.

As of October the unemployment rate was 6.5% which is over 40% higher than it was at the end of last year. I am sure people who are reading this are saying I always worked hard. Maybe you did and maybe you didn’t. However whatever you have done in the past should and needs to get kicked up a level.

I believe everyone has the capacity to get better at something every day! I strongly believe that people (not systems, not technology) make a difference whether a company exceeds or misses their goals!

The real question is, do most people try and do that or sit back and see what happens?

  • What are you doing to make yourself more valuable to your company?
  • Without giving away company secrets, what have you done to make your company more efficient?
  • When was the last time you made a suggestion to improve something to senior management?
  • When was the last time you showed something to a client and their reaction was "Wow, that is amazing"

I look forward to your comments.

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