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How Easy Is Your Life? This Guy Was Very Easy!

A few weeks ago I was walking through LaGuardia Airport on my way to my gate when I stopped to get a shoeshine. I sat down and started to speak to this true New Yorker–he wore a Yankee hat, had a big accent and was very talkative (no disrespect to any New Yorkers reading this).

We were having this nice discussion when I asked him, "What time do you get here?" As most of you know I tend to take early flights and today was no different since I was at the Airport before 5am.

He said "I got here a few minutes ago since I live across the street." I was a little surprised and said, "Really…" and before I can say another word, he responded, "I like everything in my life to be easy."

I started to think about the different aspects of living in Dallas and really thinking about "Is it easy?"

Here are five things in my life that are really easy:

  • Traveling to/from work – only 12 miles away
  • Flying out of DFW Airport – my office and home are 10 minutes from the airport
  • Working out – I have a gym in my office and 1/4 from where I live
  • Going to sporting events – great access to/from all the Dallas Stadiums. Rarely have I run into a major traffic jam
  • Weather – Wow! How great is the weather without snow?

For me it was very interesting to think about.

  • What is easy in your life?
  • What isn’t easy that you would like to be?

I look forward to your comments.

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