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Friday Fun — Hey What Would Your Caption Be?

As you know, during the course of the week I get lots and lots of emails for potential blog topics. Sometimes people just want to share things with me, and depending on my crazy mood I might use them in a different way than they had suggested.

Here are six great pictures. Thanks (KW. I believe these are some of National Geographic’s best pictures of the year. The change I made is I tried (hopefully succeeded) to add a funny caption. Here goes:


"Now Fred that was a really funny joke! The best one I heard in a long time!"


"I think that is an awful smell. Do you smell it yet? I don’t think it is me."


"It’s ok your brother didn’t mean to call you names!"


"Why didn’t you bring a jacket? I told you it was going to be cold!"


"The itch is a little over to the left! A little lower…"


"Hey Mom, Can you please get up I want to play! "


  • By the way…how did I do?
  • Did you chuckle at any of the ones that I wrote?
  • Which one is your favorite?

Ok now it is your turn. Take a minute and try and write a funny caption to one of the pictures.

I look forward to reading your comments.

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