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Time To Go Back To Your Childhood. What Was Your Favorite Video Game?

All your pixel are belong to usMost of the time when I go home I hear the kids upstairs watching TV and screaming. Actually what I said was wrong. Yes, they are screaming but no they aren’t really watching TV; they are playing Wii. Today there are so many cool video games. All with color, animation, multiple players. I just started to think back as a kid and what video games I played.

I remember playing Atari. I think it was Ping Pong or something like that. An exciting game back then–boring by today’s standards. Over the years I played Pacman and many other games. But my favorite always was Space Invaders. I remember playing for hours at Cape Cod with my buddies Shu and Reptile. It took as a while to master the game, but when we did we would often have the high score or at least try for hours to get our name on the top ten list. I remember racing after school to go to a place called Fun and Games which was located in our town and had hundreds of games. We would teach each other the new tricks and shortcuts that we would find out and challenge each other.

  • As a kid what was your favorite video game?
  • Do you ever play now?
  • Does your 5 year child beat you in video games now like mine does?

I look forward to your comments.

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