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Hey Professional Athletes, You Are Going To Want To Get Used To _______

Yes it would be great to be a professional athlete. It would be great to be able to play a game that I love–like baseball–against the best competition, in big stadiums, and get paid a lot of money.

Today’s posting is about the future and how sports will be changing.

Hey professional athletes you are going to want to get used to:

  • Smaller crowds. Yes most baseball stadiums now are getting smaller so that is an obvious statement, but also the percentage of paid seats will be dropping like a rock and very fast!
  • Smaller contracts for anyone who isn’t a star. Yes Lebron James, AROD and other big name stars will get their money. But the professional athlete who isn’t a perennial all-star will be signing for less money and less years for sure.
  • Not only will crowds be smaller but it will also be TOP heavy. Meaning that most of the fans will be in the less expensive seats which are higher and further away from the action which is a very funny and interesting crowd dynamic.
  • Teams’ and leagues’ patience for athletes getting in trouble is over. Team and league penalties for first time offenders will be more strict and repeat offenders will not be tolerated. One of the main reasons is that fans are beyond tired of this kind of stuff and feel if they are going to be paying big prices and going to games they want athletes to stay out of trouble.
  • Flying commercial! Yes, I said it. I think struggling sports teams will be forced to make drastic cuts and I believe that some of them will go back to flying commercial. I remember flying in 1988 back from NY with the Boston Celtics. It was really cool.

Maybe some of those points are obvious and maybe some you haven’t thought of.

  • What do think of my thoughts?
  • What else do you think will happen?

I look forward to your comments.

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