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Hey, What’s In Your Closet?

A few weeks ago I was in NY and speaking with a few industry contacts and the next thing I know we got chatting about closets. Yes closets. I know looking back on it I can’t believe that there were a few of us actually discussing the subject, but we were. Quickly we drew a connection between how funny people can be with their closet and of course the blog–perfect blog topic. The conversation was really centered around this question: "How is your closet set up?"

  • Do you have different sections?
  • Is everything mixed together?
  • Are they color coded?
  • Do you move your summer/winter clothes around?

Some of you are probably laughing (I don’t blame you at all), while others are probably saying "Hey! My closet is very organized and I am proud of it!"

For me, my closet is somewhat organized.

  • I have my suits all together
  • Dress shirts all together–not in order by color
  • Shoes lined up
  • Casual clothes (polo shirts) in order by color
  • Sweatshirts all stacked up on a shelf

Overall it works for me. I can find things pretty quick. I guess I wish I would have my dress shirts in order by color as well. Maybe I will do that.

Your turn:

  • What does your closet look like?
  • How organized is it?
  • How about some tips to share?
  • Is it a mess?

I look forward to reading your comments.

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