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Are You As Tired Of Sports Clichés As I Am?

As you know I watch a lot of sports and with sports comes interviews–some during games and some the old traditional way before and after games.

I must admit I like a good interview. I like when an athlete goes out there and says something different, points out a strategy that I didn’t think of or saw during the game. I guess I am looking for some freshness.

Most interviews are almost done in a robot like fashion. No emotion and the athletes or most of them are programmed to say the same thing. Here are some clichés that I am tired of hearing:

  • We are taking this season one day at a time
  • That other team has some great players on their team
  • The other team plays hard
  • We just had to come out and play our game
  • The other team plays with a lot of emotion
  • He has a great work ethic
  • The other team gave 110 percent
  • I am just going to try my hardest tonight

These are a few of the sports clichés that everyone says and frankly I am tired of.

  • What are your thoughts?
  • What clichés are you tired of?

I look forward to your comments.

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