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Attention Business Professionals: Time For Another Mentor–This One Is A Little Different!

Monday, May 4th, 2009

One definition of the word mentor is "A wise and trusted counselor or teacher." For me that person tends to be a business person who has tremendous years of experience and is a little older. If you stop and think of all of your mentors: your parents, your professors, your boss perhaps, they tend to be a little older.

Do you want to know about:

  • The latest fashion?
  • The latest cool piece of technology?
  • The new up and coming website?
  • The best social networking site?

I am not sure any of my mentors could answer those questions. Well if they can’t, who can? You could possibly Google for some of this stuff. I think an easier way is to have a reverse mentor. This person is typically up in their early twenties and into technology, outgoing and is up-to-date on the new social networking sites. This person will be a valuable resource for you.

I have had one for about four months and it has helped me tremendously. In addition to the things listed, they can help you motivate the younger generation. For my reverse mentor I will try and speak with them a few times a month and get together every other month.

  • Do you have a reverse mentor?
  • If so, how long have you had one and has it helped?
  • If not, do you think it is a good idea?

I look forward to reading your comments.

I Loved It As A Kid And Still Love It As An Adult!

Friday, May 1st, 2009

All of us loved things as a kid and over time we don’t like them as an adult. Things like cotton candy and licorice are things I just don’t like anymore. That isn’t the case with this. This tasty creation actually had the first store open over 300 years ago (1776 to be exact) in New York City. Over time, flavors have gotten more creative and toppings (many toppings) have gotten very popular.

You probably guessed what I am writing about: ice cream. Growing up I used to devour a pint (what seemed like a pint) of ice cream nightly. I would put chocolate sprinkles on it (some areas of the country don’t have them) and marshmallow creme in the bottom of the bowl. The reason I did this is in a few minutes it would get hard and be like taffy – great to eat. Of course I would add a little hot fudge. Okay . . . I lied. A lot of hot fudge! What a treat!

So speed ahead thirty-five years later. Do I still like ice cream? Yes of course! I love chocolate although it isn’t the most popular flavor in the United States – I believe vanilla is. I love cookies and cream and cookie dough. Good stuff. I also love Dairy Queen. We have one about four miles from here and worth the trip. Nothing like a soft serve vanilla/chocolate large swirl with jimmies (sprinkles) on a hot summer day when the race is on to eat the ice cream or have it melt all over your arm!

  • Do you like ice cream?
  • What is your favorite flavor?
  • Do you put toppings on it?
  • Are you a sundae person?
  • What is your favorite ice cream store?

I look forward to reading your comments.

P.S. One of my favorite all-time memories and to do’s when I am visiting Cape Cod, is go to the Sundae School Factory in West Dennis which has the best sundaes in the world!