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Hey, Alex Rodriguez Fans, What Is Your Favorite Picture?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This person is always in the press, always on TV, always on the Web and most times on the back or front page of the New York newspapers. For a little mindless Friday fun I want to know what are you two favorite pictures?

  • Do you like AROD playing for his country
  • In a swimsuit
  • Playing for the NY Yankees
  • Playing for the Texas Rangers
  • Playing for the Seattle Mariners
  • Fighting with the Boston Redsox
  • Signing Autographs?
  • How about some of the headlines form the NY newspapers?

Lookin' Up!
By the fountain
Bush League!
Posing with wife-ey
It's out-a there!
Umph!  Argh!  Ump!
Like a . . . never mind!
It's out-a there again!
Shady dealin'!
These aren't the 'roids you're looking for.  Move along.
What is your favorite picture?

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