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Isn’t Attitude Everything?

In the past week I have been walking around a little bit more than normal and noticed a few things. I saw a dog that only had three legs. He was hopping around a little bit but actually was moving pretty well considering. I also noticed a man in a wheelchair who appeared to have a broken leg. The third thing I noticed was a young man who was using a walker to get around.

You are probably saying "Okay, what’s the connection?" and "What does it all mean?"

The real interesting thing for me is the dog’s tail was wagging a million times a minute and the other two people had huge smiles on their faces.

I believe there is a huge life lesson there. No matter what, you have to have the right attitude — always positive for me. The glass has to be half full.

I realize that there are a lot of bad things that are going on with the economy but no matter what, if you have the right attitude, I believe it can help you not only get through the week or month but can make a difference.

  • The question is, do you have the right attitude?
  • Do you focus on the positive?
  • Do you try and make things better each and every day at home or at work?
  • Do you believe that most people have the right attitude?

I look forward to reading your comments.

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