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What Is Your Favorite War Movie?

So there I am in a somewhat quiet house on Memorial Day, Monday May 25th. I am lying on the couch, drinking a bottled water and changing stations quickly, as if I was preparing for an event in the Olympics. As I change the channels I noticed that there was a ton of war movies on. I pause for a minute. Of course there would be, since it was Memorial Day.

I must pause for a minute and take you back to my childhood when it seemed that every Saturday I would watch a war movie with my dad. Because of that when I watch one for a few minutes it brings back some great memories, and I still watch them to not only watch the movie but to see if I can pick out all of the stars that were in the movie.

So on this day here were some of the war movies that were on:

I am sure there were many more but those are just the ones I saw. The question is what is the best war movie?

For me I can’t get to a number one, but can get to a top three. They are: The Longest Day, Patton and the Battle of The Bulge.

Each of those movies was a classic, had a great story, had good battle scenes, was star studded and kept my interest from start to finish.

  • Do you like war movies?
  • Did you watch them as a kid?
  • What is your favorite?

I look forward to reading your comments.

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