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Brush With Fame – What Do You Do?

Over the last few months I have been on a plane with Bobby Knight, Penn Jillette and a number of other celebrities. For those of you who travel I am sure you have experienced the same or have seen famous people in a restaurant, bar or in a hotel. For me I didn’t say anything to Penn Jillette who actually is a very large man and was traveling with his wife so I didn’t want to impose on their family time. I did on the other hand say hello to Bobby Knight and mentioned I was a fan and actually did shake his hand.

When I was younger I would ask for autographs a lot. But it was only at stadiums, and never in a social situation. Maybe part of me was nervous about getting no for an answer. Or part of me was trying to be respectful.

Since I love to people watch I have enjoyed seeing Donald Trump in a restaurant and watch him go from table to table shaking hands. I have also been to Spago (when it was one of the hottest restaurants in LA) and saw Sidney Potier, Milton Berle, Arnold Schwarzenegger , Maria Shriver and a bunch of other celebrities all in the same night. Last year I was standing right next to Alicia Keys and had NO idea who she was.

I also rarely will take a picture with a celebrity. I did break that rule when I was fortunate enough to have dinner (thanks SB) with Reverend Jesse Jackson a few years ago

  • The question is, "If you see a celebrity, what do you do?"
  • Do you get an autograph?
  • Do you say hello?
  • Do you try and engage them in a conversation?
  • How was the experience?
  • Who was the most famous person you have ever met?

I look forward to reading your comments.

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