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Attention Sports Fans: Who Makes Your “All Time List Of Athletes That Hate The Media?”

I actually believe the media has a tough job. They need to try and be the first one to get the big story. They want to be the first one to get a juicy quote and be the first person to toss out that perfect question. The reality is they can do all that but then they need to deal with an athlete. Not just any athlete–a professional athlete that is getting paid a ton of money and in this day and age could be very emotional. Sometimes interviews go very smoothly and other times I am sure the media feels from time to time that they need to enter at their own risk when dealing with professional athletes.

Last month I had this exact discussion with a friend of mine (thanks ES) about who makes his all time list of athletes that hate the media. It was an interesting debate. I won’t answer for him but here are a few of my choices.

  • Steve Carlton – never had any use for the media. Clearly one of the best lefties of all time, wanted to pitch and not deal with answering questions
  • Jim Rice – was one of the greatest ballplayers I ever saw. During the 1970’s he was the guy every night. Except the guy never wanted to do interviews and basically hated everything to do with the media. Clearly that cost him going into the Hall of Fame years ago. I am glad he finally got in.
  • Barry Bonds. I heard he isn’t a big fan of the media and I heard a rumor that he even wore different color arm bands that described his mood.

Am I right on these choices?

  • Who makes your list?
  • Who hurt their chances to get into the hall of Fame because they didn’t play nice?

I look forward to reading your comments.

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