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Attention Starbucks Customers: What Do You Think About This Ad Campaign?

Over the past week I had noticed a number of new ads for Starbucks. I have seen full page ads in the New York Times and USA Today. I have a feeling they were in many, many more newspapers and magazines but those are the ones I saw. The campaign seems to be focused on quality, value and values at Starbucks.

  • The question is, "Does it work?"
  • If you are a Starbucks customer, how do you feel?
  • Does this make you feel closer to the brand?
  • Does it represent what Starbucks is all about?
  • If you are a fan of Dunkin Donuts, Peets Coffee, Seattle’s Best, or McDonalds, does this make you change?
  • How do you feel about the campaign?
  • In your opinion who has the best coffee?

I look forward to your comments and seeing what you think about this campaign.




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