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Attention Sports Fans: There Is Nothing Average About These Joes!

I was watching the Los Angeles Dodgers the other day and all of a sudden the camera was on Joe Torre. While he was on TV I was thinking this guy is a great manager and the NY Yankees made a huge mistake. I kept thinking about him and got to a place where I actually said this guy is no average Joe. I then got up, grabbed a pen and pad of paper and took a few minutes to put together a list of professional athletes with the name Joe (FYI – I didn’t use the Internet to help me with this exercise). They weren’t in any particular order but I thought I would start the list:


Joe Carter
Joe DiMaggio
Joe Torre


Joe Johnson


Joe Frazier


Joe Montana
"Mean" Joe Greene
Joe Namath


Joe Niewendyk

Now your turn

  • Who makes your list of professional athletes who start with the name Joe?
  • Who are the best of all-time?

I look forward to reading your comments.

Joe Torre

Joe DiMaggio

Joe Frazier

Joe Montana

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