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Amnesty Day: Have You Done Any Of These Six Things?

So there I am. It is early in the morning and I just left my hotel room. After a decent night’s sleep I am up early for a quick breakfast and then a day of meetings. As I am walking towards the elevator I notice a housekeeping cart and a person walks by and takes something off it–I think it was some shampoo or lotion. I paused for a minute and thought this might be a fun post.

Have people done certain things in their life?

  1. Have you ever taken a newspaper that was in front of someone else’s door at a hotel?
  2. Have you ever taken the "do not disturb sign" off my door and put it on another?
  3. Have you ever filled out the breakfast order card and hung it on someone else’s door?
  4. Do you take things off the housekeeping cart?
  5. Do you try and board a flight before they call your section?
  6. Do you not put back items in a grocery store that all of a sudden you don’t want?

Six things you could have done. The question is yes/no – have you done them?

For me, I say "yes" to numbers 1, 4, 5, 6 and "no" to 2 and 3.

Now let me explain. For me I will only take someone else’s newspaper if someone took mine. Doesn’t make it right, but just what I do. I will sometimes take a few extra towels off the housekeeping cart. The reason is I tend to workout out when I’m on the road and take a lot of showers and hotels have cut back on towels. Once in a while I might try and board at the end of the first class line and once in awhile if I am with my kids at the checkout counter and I have noticed they put something in the cart that I didn’t know about, I will give it to the cashier and not put it back. With regard to number 3, I was with a friend of mine a few weeks ago who told me he used to do that all the time when he was a kid. I will admit I chuckled a little bit. The real funny thing is I never ever would have thought about doing that.

Now your turn:

Yes or no to these 6 things?

I look forward to reading your comments.

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