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Some Fun Pictures For A Friday . . .

Ok so it is Friday and time for some mindless fun. Take a look at the pictures below and tell me what your favorite picture is:

Giant Squirrell

Giraffe and Ostrich

Baby Monkey

Rowdy Granny

Cow Crop Circles

Doggies in Baby Carriage


For me, I have two favorites. I could see the squirrel saying something like, "Hey honey. Can you crop the two strangers out of this picture?" or maybe, "Hey guys, smile!" And I am still laughing at the dogs in the stroller. Here are a few captions I came up with: "Hey has anyone seen my bone?" or "Can someone please let go of my tail?"

Ok your turn:

  • Which one made you laugh the loudest?
  • And for a bonus, do you have a caption to go with your favorite picture?

I look forward to reading your comments and captions.

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