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Attention Sports Fans: Do You Agree Or Disagree With Me?

Do the NY Yankees repeat in 2010? This is a painful discussion for me to have. Clearly they will have the highest payroll in baseball and they will make the playoffs in 2010 for sure. The question is do they repeat? This hasn’t happened since the NY Yankees did it in 1999 and then again in 2000. Even though the Yankees will be the favorite to repeat, I believe they will come up short in 2010. Do you agree?

The Boston Celtics win their division by 20 games? The Celtics are great, and if their big three stay injury free they will go to the NBA finals. Their division is horrible and they should coast and win it by 20 games! Do you agree?

Indianapolis Colts play the New Orleans Saints in the Super Bowl? Both teams are 9-0 and lost along the way but both records are still unblemished and undefeated. I say no that only will they not meet in the Super Bowl. NEITHER team makes it! Do you agree?

Is Tiger Woods slowing down? He has had some injuries and hasn’t won a major since the US Open in 2008. I don’t believe he is slowing down. He is still the best in that sport and has a chance to win every single week. Do you agree?

Terrell Owens plays for a good team in 2010? As I type away, Owens is on a pace for less than 50 catches for the year. His days in Buffalo are almost over and he needs to forget about signing for the most money and signing with a good team with a great quarterback. Perhaps he should call Randy Moss and get some advice. Do you agree?

I look forward to reading your comments, opinions, and whether you agree or disagree with me.

Also please let all the readers know if you have any other predictions you would like to toss out.

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