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Twilight, New Moon I Don’t Get It?

Every week I get asked to write about different topics. Today’s post is no different. Well maybe a little. As I was getting my haircut, we (thanks S.Y.) were discussing the new movie that was coming out, New Moon. Much to everyone’s surprise I had NO idea what they were talking about! Quickly they asked me what I thought of the movie Twilight, and besides having a puzzled look on my face I had little to no response. I may have heard of that movie but I don’t remember and I know for a fact I never saw it.

When I don’t know something about a particular blog topic I will do some research. For this one I decided not to do that and have the readers inform me on what I am missing. I have NO idea who stars in the movie, what the movies are really about other than it involves vampires. I have no idea who the director or producer is–in fact I couldn’t even tell you the city in which the story takes place. I didn’t even know until they screamed at me, about the books that were written. Clearly I have been living under a rock and missed all the hoopla. I have noticed people wearing New Moon shirts but that was after getting laughed at while I was getting my haircut.

So please fill me in.

  • What are the movies about?
  • Have you read the book?
  • Was the sequel any better than Twilight?
  • Is there another movie planned?
  • Were you one of the first to see the movie?

I look forward to your comments and seeing what I am missing.

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