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I Played Tennis With My Mother And Golf With My Dad In The Same Day–Guess What? Had A GREAT Time!

Unfortunately I don’t get to see my parents as often as I would like–only a few times a year. I was fortunate to be on the East Coast and actually was going to a wedding a few towns over from my parents and took the opportunity to spend an extra day and half with them. The day started with a doubles tennis match. My mom and I were paired together against two men who she plays with often at her club. The sky was filled with sun–not a cloud to be seen for miles and it was absolutely beautiful out. I always loved to play tennis with my mom because she was the one who taught me to play almost 40 year ago!

Anyway we had a great time. I was high fiving and fist pumping my mom after a good shot. I frequently tossed out a "Nice shot" and "Wow I didn’t think you were going to reach that one." It was an amazing two hours of tennis – truly amazing. The match went three sets or actually almost three sets. Everyone was starting to get tired and we played to four games in the last set.

Then it was a little lunch and a golf game with my dad. Well not 100% a golf game; it was only nine holes. Considering I shoot around 105, I was not sure my dad (who is a good golfer) could stomach playing with me.  Actually he is always a good sport and would play anytime. The day was great, yes I put a number of balls in the water, and yes I hit not one, not two, but three different houses on the course. Too bad you don’t get a bonus for that. I would have done well. We laughed, talked business and had a ball. The only bad thing was I didn’t see any alligators which I usually do on their course.

Mom/Dad thanks for a great day!

  • Have you had any terrific experiences with your parents lately?
  • How often do you see your parents and what do you usually do?
  • Please describe some of your favorite experiences with your parents

I look forward to reading your comments.

P.S. As a bonus, I convinced my dad to play gin with me and finally he said yes. It was neck and neck for the first 12 hands and then all of a sudden he destroyed me – I didn’t care . . . that much . . . . Way to go DAD!

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