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Congrads. You Just Won The Lottery . . . Now What??

Well it has happened – you are holding the only winning lottery ticket for fifty million dollars. What I am asking you to do is pretend a little bit. I would need to, since I do not buy lottery tickets and frankly wouldn’t even know how.

  • What would you do if it happened?
  • Do you buy a big boat?
  • How about a fast car?
  • Do you take a trip around the world?
  • Do you donate some money to charity?
  • Who do you help out?
  • Do you quit your job?

Well before you answer those questions here is what I think I would do. First I wouldn’t quit my job. I love what I do and actually would make a commitment to Omnicom and M/A/R/C Research to work for at least one more year. Right away I would help out some friends and family members who have gone on hard times. I don’t believe I would buy anything fancy except I would buy a minority share in a minor league baseball team.

I think long term I would write a book or two, be a guest lecturer at colleges and continue to present at conferences in the market research industry.

Now your turn:

What would you do short and long term?

I look forward to reading your comments.

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