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Three Questions That Are Interesting And You Should Be Able To Answer Very Quickly!

I always liked the number three. Not 100% sure why. I do like to bat third in a baseball or softball game, I have three kids and I am one of three kids in my family. I also have the number three in my birthday. Not sure any of those reasons alone are reason enough to like the number three but collectively I guess it makes sense.

I was thinking about the number three with three different categories:

  • What three websites do I visit every business day? Market Research Global Alliance Social Network, Google I am still amazed at how many times I am using their search and of course The Merrill Dubrow Blog (please stop laughing).
  • What three things do I read every business day? I read the same three e-newsletters every single day. Daily Research News from MrWeb, eMarketer Daily, The WOMMA Word
  • Who are the three people I speak to every business day? R.H., S.A. and S.S. Two of the three people are industry contacts. I think it is critical with the economy being the way it is to really have your pulse on what is going on and speaking to these people helps me accomplish that. The third is one of my best friends whom I speak to early in the morning (6am) about what is happening in the sports world.

Now your turn:

  • What three websites do you visit every business day?
  • What three things do you read every business day?
  • Who are the three people that you speak to every business day?

I look forward to reading your comments.

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