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If You Could Only Watch Three TV Shows Every Week, What Would They Be?

I had lunch yesterday with AB and RW and during the discussion we talked about what TV shows you watch every week. The conversation led us to "If you could only watch three shows every week–not channels but shows–what would they be?"

I gave it a little time to pause and am almost embarrassed to say what my three shows are:

  1. The Office – I like the goofiness of the cast and especially the character that Steve Carell plays in Michael Scott. I love the dry sense of humor and the flow of the show.
  2. Survivor – I really enjoy the challenges, the competition and strategy of the game. I have been watching it for ten years and truly do enjoy the show.
  3. Deal or No Deal – I like Howie Mandel and the way he gets the contestants into the show. I also enjoy trying to figure out what the banker is going to offer prior to him offering it. Ok I will admit it I always liked math!

Not sure what it says about me that I picked these shows. Interesting that I picked a reality, comedy and game show!

Ok your turn.

  • What do you think of my choices?
  • What are the three shows you would watch every week?

I look forward to reading your comments.

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