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I Love This 30 Second Commercial – What About You?

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I must admit I don’t watch a lot of commercials these days. With TiVo fast forwarding is very easy and if I am watching regular TV I will channel surf when a commercial comes on.

I must admit I like this commercial. It makes me chuckle all the time but more important I believe this commercial differentiates this company from the competition.

Most people don’t like the airlines these days. They don’t like how they are being nickel and dimed for everything. Eight dollars for an ugly, small blanket . . . do I need to say more?

  • This commercial directly goes after the competition
  • It clearly identifies a price difference between Southwest Airlines and other carriers
  • It highlights baggage carriers — which to me look like regular people who care about their job.

To Southwest Airlines I tip my cap and say "a job well done and money well spent!"

What do you think?

  • Do you like the commercial?
  • Do you think Southwest does a nice job with the message?
  • What other companies’ commercials do you currently like?

I look forward to your comments.

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