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Congrads You Now Have A Boat. What’s The Name?

I have never had a boat but if I did I wonder what I would name it. Would I pick a name based on my kids, an accomplishment, or a sports team? I’m not really sure.

Over the years there have been a number of boats on TV – The Love Boat, Orca was the boat in Jaws, The Olive was Popeye’s boat and of course there was the SS Minnow in Gilligan’s Island.

Based on boater registrations, here is a list of the most popular boats in 2009:

10. Comfortably Numb
9. Namaste
8. Serenity Now
7. Pegasus
6. On the Rocks
5. Bail Out
4. Jolly Roger
3. Lazy Daze
2. Seas the Day
1. Second Wind

That list probably gives you a little help in trying to figure out what you would name your boat.

If I had a boat, it would be based on one thing: the research industry. Because of that I would name my boat THANKS RESEARCH!

Your turn: 

  • What would you name your boat?
  • If you have a boat what is the name?
  • What do you think of the name of my boat?

 I look forward to reading your comments.

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