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Ok Son, I Am Impressed. More Than That, I Am Proud Of You . . .

I must admit–all of my kids impress me. But today I want to focus on my oldest.

J.D. has been playing sports for over four years and has always tried very hard. Unfortunately he followed in my footsteps as a kid and isn’t the greatest athlete in the world. He isn’t the biggest or fastest but does have a great attitude today and in the past. He tries hard and always tries to get better each and every game.

Well I am excited to say that he is doing something that is incredible. He is in "coach pitch" and hasn’t struck out in almost 18 months and as I type this posting he is 24-24. Yes he hasn’t made an out this year! Has gotten on base every time he got up! His year started with 2 home runs in game one (yes he did get the game ball) and he hasn’t stopped pounding the ball since.

Yes he is 24-24 and certainly I am excited for him but I am more excited and more proud of him for being a really good team player. He high fives teammates, cheers them on, is VERY respectful of the coaching staff, NEVER cries and always is smiling. JD I am so proud of you!

Time for you to share and brag a little bit:

  • What have your kids done that has made you feel most proud?
  • Are they athletic?
  • Are they creative and involved in plays and music?
  • Are they artistic, great at drawing or arts and crafts?
  • Are they president of their class?

I look forward to hearing your comments.

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