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Attention Baseball Fans: What Is Your Prediction For This Year?

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

I love this time of year. The weather is getting more beautiful with every passing day. The birds are chirping a little louder and the 2010 baseball season just started. Interesting that the season starts with the NY Yankees visiting Fenway Park and the Boston Redsox. If you didn’t catch the game on ESPN you missed a fun "come from behind" Boston Redsox victory. Lots of questions to be answered:

  • What will happen this year?
  • Who will be in and win the World Series?
  • Will the NY Yankees repeat?
  • Who is the surprising team of 2010?

For me it might be a little bit of same old same old. As much as I would like the Yankees NOT to make the playoffs, that just isn’t going to happen. They will be there in October. They have great hitting and solid starting pitching. Their only weakness on paper is their bullpen. After Rivera they don’t have much at all. Yes they are getting older but so are lots of teams like the Redsox who also will make the playoffs. The Sox pitching is great–yes great–and their hitting will surprise lots of teams and fans this year. I don’t believe Tampa Bay will do much of anything. Yes they will have a few winning streaks but at the end of the year they will have 87 wins and some of their veterans including Carlos Pena will be traded in July. Not sure what will happen to Crawford, but I don’t see the Rays coming up with the money to keep him.

I think the surprise team will be the Texas Rangers. Vlad is fantastic and if the pitching holds up (good luck Nolan Ryan) they can win 90 games. The other division will be a race between the Whitesox and Twins with the Twins coming out on top. In the National League, both the Phillies and the Mets make the playoffs–sorry Atlanta (solid team), you will be the odd man out. I don’t like the Dodgers’ pitching–especially with Padilla being their number 1, so I am taking Colorado and I will take Lou Pinella and the Chicago Cubs for the last spot.

Game one of the 2010 World Series will be played in Boston and a great pitching matchup of Josh Beckett vs. Roy Halladay. The Sox will win a classic series in seven games over the Philadelphia Phillies.

Ok you heard it here first. I have made my predictions.

Now your turn . . .

  • What do you think of my predictions?
  • What will happen this year?
  • Who will be in and win the World Series?
  • Will the NY Yankees repeat?

Who is the surprising team of 2010?

Yes It’s Snowing Out. Is It Time To Build A Snowman, Go Sledding Or Stay Indoors?

Monday, April 5th, 2010

I get asked all the time (especially in the winter), "Do I miss the snow?" Well – not really. I clearly have had some great times in the snow but as I get older I am not a fan of the snow or cold weather. Well the East Coast has certainly gotten pounded this winter with a number of major snowstorms and who knows maybe another one before the season is over.

The question really is, what do you like to do in the snow?

  • Do you like to go sledding?
  • Build a snowman?
  • Build a fort of snow?
  • Outdoor ice skating?
  • What about a family or neighborhood snowball fight?
  • Do you ever rent a snowmobile?
  • Do you hate the snow and like to sit inside next to a roaring fire?

I am sure we all have very fond memories of playing in the snow when we were growing up. 

I look forward to reading your comments.