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Time For Another Contest!!!!! Yes There Is Money Involved.

Good morning. I am sure the title got your attention a little bit. This contest will be a little different. You don’t have to answer any questions! In fact it is my strong belief that everyone who enters will thank me because it can help you move your business forward.

A few weeks ago I was the Keynote speaker at the NY/Philadelphia MRA chapter meeting. During my presentation which was entitled 12 Strategies to Move Your Business forward I highlighted staying connected as one of those strategies.

To me there is NO BETTER TOOL than LinkedIn to stay connected to people: Here are 8 reasons that I use LinkedIn:

  1. I use customized “Tags” to group my contacts
  2. Export my contacts for targeted mailings
  3. View my contacts by industry
  4. View my contacts by geography
  5. To see who is attending conferences
  6. To see what books people are reading
  7. To view contacts by company
  8. To participate in discussion groups

Ok here is the contest. We will award the top 2 people $100.00 who get the most connections on LinkedIn for a period of one month.

All you need to do is respond to the blog and say you want to participate and include how many connections you have now. We will track that and at the end see how many you have and will award $100 to the 2 people who have added the most connections. Anyone who participates and gets more connections than me during the contest will get a $10 Starbucks gift certificate. The contest will start as soon as you sign up and end on June 11 at 4:00pm CDT. The sooner you sign up the more chance you have to win. Also feel free to LinkedIn to me and I promise to accept your invitation.

Make sense?

Trust me even if you don’t win you will thank me for getting you involved if you don’t believe me just ask Ed Sugar and Amber Jones.

I look forward to having people sign up.

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