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The Boston Red Sox Are The 2nd Most Hated Baseball Team! Are You Kidding Me?

I was sent a link (thanks B.L.) to a story that involved baseball teams and how much they were hated. Basically they built a hatred Index. The research was done by an Internet algorithm built by Nielsen Co. that analyzes how people feel about certain things. This service typically uses various keywords to find out whether people have positive, negative or neutral reactions to different brands and products

Based on their algorithm here are the top ten hated teams:

The Hatred Index
Using an algorithm designed by Nielsen Co. that measures positive and negative reactions on the Internet, here are the 10 most despised teams in baseball (scale is -5 to 5).



1. Cleveland Indians 0.9
2. Boston Red Sox 1.1
3. Cincinnati Reds 1.5
4 Houston Astros 1.8
5. New York Yankees 1.8
6. Washington Nationals 1.9
7. Chicago White Sox 2
8. Baltimore Orioles 2
9. New York Mets 2.3
10. Los Angeles Dodgers 2.4

After I reviewed the list I was surprised that the Red Sox were second and SHOCKED that Cleveland was the most hated team in the majors – absolutely shocked. I am a huge baseball fan and I am not sure they would make my top 15! They aren’t even close to my radar screen. Not sure why anyone hates them. Cincinnati and Houston are also in the top 4. Wow!

If I was to have a debate/discussion with sports fans, my top 5 list would have been this way:

  1. NY Yankees
  2. NY Mets
  3. Los Angeles Dodgers
  4. Boston Red Sox
  5. San Francisco Giants


  • What shocked you on the hatred index?
  • What do you think of my top 5?
  • What would be your top 5?

I look forward to reading your comments.

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