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Here Are Some Of My Best Practices For Flying

Ok I must admit life has really changed for me. I used to love flying, love business trips and love to explore but now not so much. Flying to me is not as much fun because of delays and mysterious mechanicals that lead to cancellations and rescheduling appointments.  To me flying now is part of the job. It gets me from one place to another and allows me the opportunity to conduct business.

I try to be as efficient as I can and well prepared on flights so here are some of the things that I do:

  1. Always have a bag of trail mix with me. Simple reason – I don’t like plane food and I anticipate delays and getting hungry
  2. Always have bottled water with me – see number 1
  3. I use Airport Valet in Dallas — great service, great price. $19.00 per day and saves me a few minutes
  4. I try not to fly on the morning that I have a meeting – I find it too risky these days.
  5. Have a file in my briefcase called reading material – always like to catch up on business articles etc while I am flying
  6. Try and take flights that have Gogo (web access). You can actually go online to see which flights have web access.
  7. Be aware of other flight options in case my flight is cancelled
  8. Always have rental car company, hotel, and airline phone numbers programmed into my cell phone. This seems so obvious but most people don’t have the information and are struggling to locate it
  9. Always try and secure a window seat – in case I nod off it’s easier to sleep and no fear of the beverage cart taking out my knee!

Ok so those are some of the best practices that I live by.

  • What about you?
  • When you are flying what do you do to make your life easier?

I look forward to reading your comments.

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