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Time To Go Camping Are You In Or Out?

Last week I was talking to a buddy and the conversation ended up going into a discussion about camping.  He was telling me that he was going camping with his son and wanted to know if I have ever done that, liked doing that and would ever consider doing that?

Then we started chatting about funny camping stories and found ourselves laughing up a storm at stories we have heard in the past.

My funniest camping story was when I was in college my buddies and I had rented a tent, all the other stuff and drove down to Cape Cod to rent a camping spot. We were all excited except one thing didn’t cooperate the weather of course… It basically poured and we couldn’t set up the tent. Ok I am not handy but my friends were and after battling the elements for a few hours, we ended up in a hotel room and tossed the tent in the corner for the weekend.

Ok stop laughing please – we tried and failed. Actually I am not a camping guy and hope I don’t have to do it anytime soon.

Ok your turn:

  • Do you like to camp?
  • Have you run into any animals in the wilderness?
  • Any funny camping stories to share?

I look forward to hearing from you.

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