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Nice Use Of Words TARGET — Keep Up The Good Work!

Over the weekend I was at a Target store and after purchasing a few items I was standing in the checkout line. The line had maybe 3-4 people in it and as I was looking around for some impulse items to buy (yes I am guilty of that) I noticed something interesting on the cash register. As the person in front of me was paying I noticed something come up on the register that I had never noticed before. It said “The guest is entering their pin number”. I assumed the person in front of me was using a debit card and no, that wasn’t the interesting thing about this. To me it was the word guest! I thought that was a GREAT word to use. To me they could have used a number of other words like client or customer. But they didn’t they chose to use the word GUEST.

When I think of the word GUEST I think about someone coming to my house or going to someone’s house and be treated very nice or very special almost like a special occasion.

  • As a retail shopper don’t you want to be treated special?
  • Don’t you want to be treated nice?
  • Doesn’t the word GUEST imply that?

Ok you may think I am a little nuts for noticing this on the cash register but I do pride myself on noticing everything. So please get past the point that I might be crazy.

  • What do you think of the word GUEST?
  • Have you noticed this before?
  • Should that word be more prominently displayed in their stores?
  • Are there other words that you like to describe a customer?

I look forward to your comments.

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