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Sorry Walgreens This Sales Promotion Doesn’t Work For Me!

I was buying a Sunday Dallas Morning News newspaper last week in a Walgreens and I noticed a promotion they had that was displayed at the cash register. The item was a book that was selling for $21.99 or you could buy two for $43.98. Even though it was very early, I could still do the math and quickly figured out that there was NO discount for buying additional copies of the book. Quickly I thought — Are you kidding me! That’s the promotion you went with! That’s the impulse item you put next to the register. Even though I am not a retail guru I would think that the planners or store managers would use that sacred space for items that really move and frankly can make them a lot of money.

Instead they go with a promotion that to me isn’t even a promotion.

  • With the economy being the way it is doesn’t everyone want and almost need to get a deal?
  • Isn’t everyone looking to buy something on sale?

There are a number of promotions and deals that really can work. Lots of retail stores are doing:

  • buy one get one free
  • Pay full price for the first item and the second is a penny
  • Buy two suits and get a sport jacket for free

Retail stores are really getting creative these days.

  • What promotions do you like?
  • What promotions in your opinion don’t work or a total waste of time?
  • What retail store does the best job?

I look forward to reading your comments.

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