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Attention Market Researchers… How About A Big Welcome For David Almy!

Over the past 25 years I have interviewed hundreds of people. During that time I have been involved in filling more jobs than I could count. One of the most gratifying searches to fill a position recently happened. I had the honor and privilege of being on the MRA CEO search committee along with Merrill Shugoll and co-chairs Colleen Moore-Mezler and Steve Schlesinger.

The process was very thorough. We met some terrific and very qualified candidates.

One of the most impressive candidates was David Almy. I personally enjoyed getting to know him and found David to be professional, articulate, had a great thought process and most important has tremendous PASSION!

Recently I had the chance to spend an hour with David one-on-one and came away more impressed than I was during the interviewing process.

He is a very quick learner, asks the right questions and will make well informed decisions.

A few things the press release won’t mention about David:

  • He was born in Japan
  • Played baseball as a kid
  • Loved the Phillies and Dodgers growing up
  • Loves pecan pie
  • Collects cars and owns 5 right now
  • Has a passion for politics, marketing and aviation
  • Favorite vacation spot is East Hampton
  • Likes to take pictures

Last week David was announced the new CEO of the MRA and I for one am very excited about his arrival. I hope you get a chance to speak to him and share my excitement!

So how about it – how about a big heartfelt welcome for David!

  • Any questions you have for David?
  • Anything you want David to be aware of?
  • Any events you want to invite David to be part of?
  • Any comments you want to make?

I know David looks forward to hearing from all of you!

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