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Sorry Walgreens This Sales Promotion Doesn’t Work For Me!

Monday, June 7th, 2010

I was buying a Sunday Dallas Morning News newspaper last week in a Walgreens and I noticed a promotion they had that was displayed at the cash register. The item was a book that was selling for $21.99 or you could buy two for $43.98. Even though it was very early, I could still do the math and quickly figured out that there was NO discount for buying additional copies of the book. Quickly I thought — Are you kidding me! That’s the promotion you went with! That’s the impulse item you put next to the register. Even though I am not a retail guru I would think that the planners or store managers would use that sacred space for items that really move and frankly can make them a lot of money.

Instead they go with a promotion that to me isn’t even a promotion.

  • With the economy being the way it is doesn’t everyone want and almost need to get a deal?
  • Isn’t everyone looking to buy something on sale?

There are a number of promotions and deals that really can work. Lots of retail stores are doing:

  • buy one get one free
  • Pay full price for the first item and the second is a penny
  • Buy two suits and get a sport jacket for free

Retail stores are really getting creative these days.

  • What promotions do you like?
  • What promotions in your opinion don’t work or a total waste of time?
  • What retail store does the best job?

I look forward to reading your comments.

Have You Checked Out The List Of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants?

Friday, June 4th, 2010

Yes I love to eat! Yes I like to try new restaurants. I was reading an article the other day which was about S. Pellegrino’s annual “World’s 50 Best Restaurants” list which was released at a celebrity-chef-studded event in London, England, marking the ninth edition of the much buzzed-about (and hotly debated) catalogue of the international culinary landscape.

The illustrious list is compiled by The World’s 50 Best Restaurants Academy — an 806-member panel of the globe’s most venerated chefs, food critics, restaurateurs and gourmands.

A few things about the list:

  • No. 1 spot on annual list goes to Noma in Copenhagen, Denmark
  • After four years at No. 1, Spanish restaurant El Bulli takes No. 2 spot
  • Eight of the restaurants crowned this year are in the United States

After four consecutive years ranked as the World’s Best Restaurant, Spanish restaurant El Bulli takes a seat at No. 2. However, that won’t make it any easier to snag a table. Only 8,000 reservations are accepted every year, out of a reported million requests.

Eight of the restaurants crowned this year — Alinea in Chicago, Illinois; Daniel, Per Se, Le Bernardin, Momofuku Ssäm Bar, wd~50 and Eleven Madison Park in New York; and The French Laundry in Yountville, California — are in the United States, the most by any country

Of the remaining 42 top finishers, six are in France; Spain and Italy each have five. Here is the list:

1. Noma (Copenhagen, Denmark) 26. Momofuku Ssäm Bar (New York)
2. El Bulli (Roses, Spain) 27. Quay Restaurant (Sydney, Australia)
3. The Fat Duck (Bray, England) 28. Iggy’s (Singapore)
4. El Celler de Can Roca (Girona, Spain) 29. L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon (Paris, France)
5. Mugaritz (Errenteria, Spain) 30. Schloss Schauenstein (Fürstenau, Switzerland)
6. Osteria Francescana (Modena, Italy) 31. Le Quartier Français (Franschhoek, South Africa)
7. Alinea (Chicago, Illinois) 32. The French Laundry (Yountville, California)
8. Daniel (New York) 33. Martin Berasategui (Lasarte-oria, Spain)
9. Arzak (San Sebastián, Spain) 34. Aqua (Bath, England)
10. Per Se (New York) 35. Combal Zero (Rivoli, Italy)
11. Le Chateaubriand (Paris, France) 36. Dal Pescatore (Mantova, Italy)
12. La Colombe (Cape Town, South Africa) 37. De Librije (Zwolle, Netherlands)
13. Pierre Gagnaire (Paris, France) 38. Tetsuya’s (Sydney, Australia)
14. L’Hotel de Ville — Philippe Rochat (Crissier, Switzerland) 39. Jaan Par Andre (Singapore)
15. Le Bernardin (New York) 40. Il Canto (Siena, Italy)
16. L’Astrance (Paris, France) 41. Alain Ducasse Au Plaza Athénée (Paris, France)
17. Hof Van Cleve (Kruishoutem, Belgium) 42. Oaxen Krog (Oaxen, Sweden)
18. D.O.M. (São Paolo, Brazil) 43. St. John (London, England)
19. Oud Sluis (Sluis, Netherlands) 44. La Maison Troisgros (Roanne, France)
20. Le Calandre (Rubano, Italy) 45. wd~50 (New York)
21. Steirereck (Vienna, Austria) 46. Biko (Mexico City, Mexico)
22. Vendôme (Bergisch Gladbach, Germany) 47. Die Schwarzwaldstube (Baiersbronn, Germany)
23. Chef Dominique (Helsinki, Finland) 48. Nihonryori RyuGin (Tokyo, Japan)
24. Les Créations de Narisawa (Tokyo, Japan) 49. Hibiscus (London, England)
25. Mathias Dahlgren (Stockholm, Sweden) 50. Eleven Madison Park (New York)

Ok I will admit it – I haven’t been to ANY of these restaurants and only heard of a handful. When I think of the best restaurants I have ever been to my list would include:

  • Abe & Louise in Boston
  • Postrio in SF
  • Quality Meats in NY

What about you?

  • Have you been to any of these restaurants?
  • If so how was the experience?
  • What is the BEST restaurant you have ever been to?

I look forward to reading your comments.

What Celebrity Endorsers Do You REALLY REALLY Trust?

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

I was reading a very interesting article a few weeks ago that I wanted to share. The article was about the Davie Brown Index (DBI) and talked about a number of things.

Davie Brown Entertainment, a Dallas celebrity research company, conducts online surveys to determine how we feel about celebrities – are they trustworthy, do we like them and would we buy what they’re hawking?  For each DBI survey, 1,000 Americans from a pool of 4.5 million are asked about a celebrity’s eight key marketing attributes. Those results make up an overall DBI rating.

The article listed a number of categories that including overall score, awareness, appeal and endorsement. The one category I would like to focus on and discuss today is trust.

The DBI listed the top ten celebrities that people trust:

  1. James Earl Jones
  2. Morgan Freeman
  3. Pat Summitt
  4. Will Smith
  5. Warren Buffett
  6. Tom Hanks
  7. James Garner
  8. Denzel Washington
  9. Willie Mays
  10. Ron Howard

Interesting list.  I decided to pause for a minute and think about the list and who I would include and replace. Here are some of my choices:

  • I would take off Pat Summitt, Willie Mays, and Will Smith
  • I would move up Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington & Ron Howard
  • I would add Robert Redford, Sean Connery and ugh… Derek Jeter.

Ok your turn:

  • What do you think of the list?
  • What do you think of my choices?
  • Are you surprised Oprah WASN’T on the list?
  • What changes would you make to the list?

I look forward to reading your comments.