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Are You Kidding Me…..!!!! Why Didn’t I Use My Hat To Catch The Ball?????????

So there I am at the ballpark, eating a hot dog TRYING hard not to get mustard on my shirt. The weather is beautiful and I am getting ready to watch two teams go at each other for 3 plus hours while one of them goes home with a victory! Aw!

In the past month this same story has actually happened three times! Yes three times! I can’t believe I didn’t learn from at least the first two times but no I didn’t …. Ok I know you have no idea what I am talking about but here guys. In my mind I am a pretty good baseball player, I grew up with the game (thanks Dad) and still love playing and going to this day. In the past month I have had a shot at catching a foul ball — yes three times. All three times there was NO ONE SITTING in front of me and all THREE times I didn’t have a baseball glove handy! And by the way all THREE times I didn’t get the ball! I booted it! Error on Dubrow! Nice catch is something I didn’t hear! Why you ask because I never got the ball! Not even close — all THREE times the ball was in the hands of someone else! The funny thing is after I booted the first two I realized I had a hat on and should have used that to catch the ball. If I had I would have gotten all THREE balls for sure!

The funny thing is I have caught one foul ball in my life and actually got a number of other balls but those were thrown to me by players as they were entering the dugout — not sure really that counts.

Ok most of you are probably now chuckling a little bit but I want to know:

  • Have you ever dropped a ball at a baseball game?
  • Have you ever caught a foul ball
  • What about other sports — have you ever got a football or basketball in the stands that you had to give back
  • And of course what about a runaway bat that slipped out of someone’s hands?

I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully other people who have dropped and fumbled foul balls.

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