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Sign A Contract – Honor The Contract! Is That Too Much To Ask?

As I read the sports page or an online article I read another story of an athlete who is asking to be traded! Yes he is under contract but for some reason he doesn’t want to play for that team anymore. Then I flip the page and read another article that Lane Kiffin is being sued by Tennessee for luring away Kennedy Pola who was under contract with the Tennessee Titans and by the way had only been with them for 5 months.

I don’t understand! Please help me understand all this! Please shed some clarity on all of this! This post isn’t about the examples I gave you but really about follow through! If you sign a contract, honor the contract! Isn’t it as simple as that? I get that athletes and to some extent coaches only can play or coach for so long and they need make as much money as they can. Honoring a contract is something you should think about prior to signing and certainly when you have a pen in your hand. I am getting very tired of professional coaches who are under contract jumping ship, going to another team! If you always wanted to coach for your alma mater than here is an idea (not that creative) put that in your contract. Sign a five year deal plan to stay for 5 years and if for some reason you teams don’t do well and you get fired then that team will pay you the remainder of your contract.

I really don’t get it!

  • Am I the only one tired of this?
  • Does anyone have any answers?
  • Am I looking at this the wrong way?

I look forward to hearing from you!

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