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Oh No I Overslept… And Was Late For…

A few weeks ago The PGA Tour announced that Jim Furyk – currently sitting in third position in the FedEx Cup standings and one of the best professional golfers in the world – was disqualified from The Barclays Tournament for missing his 7:30 pro-am tee time by five minutes. I’m not here to debate if the rule is a good one or should be changed but it got me to think about oversleeping and what I have or others may have missed because:

  • You forgot to set your alarm
  • A storm knocked out the power during the night and messed up your alarm
  • The hotel forgot to call you with your wakeup call
  • You forgot to set up a wakeup call
  • Your blackberry alarm was on vibrate instead of alarm

I could come up with a thousand more reasons as to why you didn’t wake up but the point is you didn’t. I usually take very early flights and I can recall missing a flight 15 years ago because the power went out and messed up my alarm clock. Wow — what a day. Rushed to the airport and almost made it!  But I didn’t! I was trying to attend an AMA Program Meeting in Nashville and as luck would have it the next flight wasn’t for 3 hours so it gave me plenty of time to think of my foolish mistake.

So what did you miss?

  • Doctor’s appointment?
  • Meeting with your boss?
  • Flight?
  • Job interview?
  • Date?
  • Something else?

I look forward to hearing your stories.

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