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Are You Ready For Some Football? Join The Week 7 Merrill Dubrow Blog Football Pool

Yes it was a tough week, yes the Dallas Cowboys lost AGAIN! Yes I was wrong with my prediction of Denver beating the NY Jets and yes I only have 7 right! Thankfully there are a number of people who REALLY know how to pick football games. With one game to go it is a two team race. Amy Sawyer is in the lead with 12 wins followed by Larry Baird and Marty. If the Titans win tonight Amy will win, if Jacksonville wins it will come down to a tie-breaker.

Reminder we have added a few things for you to follow along and enjoy the fun. We have an updated leader board located on the right side of the main page of the blog that updates every 30 minutes during the games and within that page you can see the results from the prior weeks.

Here is a link to see the scoreboard.

The sixth week we had 156 participants so the winner this week will receive $75. Remember the weekly winners will be given a spot in the grand prize pool which will be in week 17. That person will join Sarah Baird, Jacob Adler, Jennifer Acosta, Mike Perdue, Jessica Cons and Patricia Wakim for bragging rights for the next 6 months.

Here is a link for you to do this week’s picks.

Feel free to share the link and have friends, colleagues, relatives, kids and anyone else you want join the pool.

Good luck to all.

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